Big Science Suppliers Network

We are a group of Swedish business companies, providing products and services to global Big Science facilities. Our members provide state of the art solutions to mankind’s most cutting edge scientific and technical challenges.

WeMedlemmar support businesses in becoming even more engaged partners with Big Science facilities and hence support Sweden’s ambition in being a world leading, highly innovative R&D nation.

  • We do more business by creating new industrial alliances which result in a broader offering of products and services to Big Science facilities, providing mutual benefits and increased competitiveness for all.
  • We inform and engage by supporting government and authorities with information about Swedish Big Science business suppliers, and engage with relevant stakeholders about issues that matter to us.
  • We learn and evolve by developing our own competencies, learning in tandem with the Big Science facilities, and sharing across the network.
  • We network by establishing a platform where Big Science suppliers meet, exchange knowledge and liaise with Research Match, and other similar stakeholders with similar agendas.
ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-03-02-kl-11-19-21If you want to join us, please contact our chairman Mats Ohlsson, CEO at Examec AB, via email or phone 0708 45 05 67, for further information.

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