Join us in supporting Sweden’s ambition to be a world leading, highly innovative R&D nation.

Sweden is the world’s most research intensive country, spending some 3,3% of GDP on R&D. Every year the Swedish nation funds both national research and international Big Science research facilities with a total of 4 billion SEK (€ 425 million).

Opens the door to new business, according to Swedish business paper Dagens Industri
“Opens a door to new business”, according to Swedish business paper Dagens Industri.

At the latter some of the world’s most complex scientific and technological challenges are being explored, such as creating fusion energy, exploring the universe or understanding matter at the sub-atomic level. This research requires many nations to pull together behind large scale facilities, where top-talent from the global scientific community come together to push the limits of scientific discovery and technology.

Among these facilities are particle physics accelerators CERN (Switzerland), the fusion research facility ITER (France), the materials science facility ESS (Sweden) and the astronomy research facility ESO (Germany). These coming years, the Big Science facilities will together be procuring high-tech equipment worth some 150 billion SEK in total order value.

This is an opportunity for businesses in Sweden to punch even further, prove our globally competitive products, support innovation and jobs being created, and a chance to enhance our knowledge base in the nation as a whole.

Businesses selected as suppliers to global Big Science facilities are eligible for membership in the Big Science Suppliers Network.

ska%cc%88rmavbild-2017-03-02-kl-11-19-21Our members specialize in providing products and services in the areas of eg.; IT, electronics, materials sciences, magnets, cryogenic sciences, nuclear research and security, optics, diagnostics, life sciences, construction, infrastructure-all on a high technological level.

Our companies also have certifications and management systems, as well as a financial standing to match.

If you want to join us, please contact our chairman Mats Ohlsson, CEO at Examec AB, via email or phone 0708 45 05 67, for further information.