The European Spallation Source

ESS_Logo_Frugal_Blue_cmyk ESS is a multi-disciplinary research centre based on the world’s most powerful neutron source. This new facility will be up to 100 times brighter than today’s leading facilities, enabling new opportunities for researchers in the fields of life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.

The European Spallation Source is one of the largest science and technology infrastructure projects being built today. The facility design and construction includes the most powerful linear proton accelerator ever built, a 4-tonne, helium-cooled tungsten target wheel, 22 state-of-the-art neutron instruments, a suite of laboratories, and a supercomputing data management and software development center. In the context of its history and future as a scientific organisation, however, it is more than the sum of its parts. It is a brand new organisation, being built from the ground up.

The ESS site is in close vicinity to the MaxIV site just outside Lund.

The construction of the facility (follow its progress here) began in the summer of 2014, and the planning for the ESS research programme is ongoing. Scientists and engineers from more than 100 partner laboratories are working on updating and optimising the advanced technical design of the ESS facility, and at the same time are exploring and imagining how it will be used. These partner laboratories, universities and research institutes also take part in the construction phase, contributing human resources, knowledge, equipment, and financial suport.

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